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interest rates, market trends, down payment, closing costs, FHA, VA, Conventional, ARMS, Revolving
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Mortgage Statistics
Your mortgage is a security instrument use to secure your home while financing. Unlike renting, you're the
owner of this home as long as you're paying as agreed. Owning a home typically will be your largest
purchase ever, your biggest investment and quite possibly the larger part of your estate. Feel free to speak
with a Mortgage lender today and get on the track to Home Ownership.
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Mortgage Application Process
Although many may be intimidated by this process but it's quite simple and beneficial. We recommend
using a Realtor® to assist you with this process. A Loan officer/Lending institution will collect personal,
financial and credit information from applicants whether in person, over their website or both. This will be to
assess your home buying ability in efforts of providing you with a pre-qualification/approval. This gives
yourself and your Realtor® the green light to began searching for your dream home. In the event it's
discovered that you're not quite ready, the prospective lender typically let's you know why so that you can
begin to work on the short falls. There's a recipe in resolving all shortfalls over time so that you can acquire
your dream home, don't give up!
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