My mission as your agent:
My professional and fiduciary responsibility to you is immeasurable. As your agent it's indeed my sole
responsibility in assuring the best decisions are made regarding the acquisition of your Dream Home is surpassed
and at A-List we will do this. Our leadership is based on now and the foreseeable future. We maintain an A+
rating with the Better Business Bureau and our credentials are up-to-date.
Info for Buyers/Sellers
What you should know:
Many unforeseen things can happen in a real estate transaction, whether buyer or seller due to no fault of either
necessarily. As seasoned real estate professionals it's our responsibility and commitment to exercise our
knowledge of the business and apply it completely as best we can. A great agent is always proactive,  
knowledgeable and well equipped to handle many of the pitfalls within the process.
How we will work together:
As agent and client, we're a team from beginning till the end. We will work diligently and passionately together
until the objective is complete. The process commands complete trust and professionalism on both ends and if
this process is broken, it could prove regretful. Trust your agent completely, ask questions and provide input but
do remember roles. Remember that working together with complete trust and loyalty will make this one of the
best experiences in one's life.
Downpayment/Closing Costs and Housing Counseling entities
  • MHDC    http://www.mhdc.com/
  • NACA     https://www.naca.com/
  • Beyond Housing    https://www.beyondhousing.org/
  • Justine Petersen    http://www.justinepetersen.org/
  • Necac    https://necac.org/
My mission as your agent:
As your Seller's Agent you can depend on A-List to not only sell your home but valuate your home and consult
with you in all regards. We will discuss the market as it pertains to your particular home, any defects,
obsolescences and/or market trends that may impact value or desirability. At A-List, you can count on us to
deliver a solid plan in getting your home sold!!!
"A Full Service Real Estate Company"
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3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000